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Our 3D story:
Daddy Daughter Design

Welcome to our shop. 
 In 2013 we bought our first 3D Printer.  Originally, we just wanted to design and print cool stuff.  We printed things like dice, chopsticks, playing card holders, night lights, and even IPad stands…nothing was off limits.  We personalized them with different colors and even added our names!
Eventually we decided to share our items by opening a shop, 3D Wade Creations.  “3D” stands for two things in relation to our shop…
3D Printing
Daddy Daughter Design
Together, Hannah and I have over 200 designs that can be personalized for occasions like Birthdays, Christmas, Promotions, Weddings, and many other special events.  We do custom logos for parties and even silhouettes from personal pictures sent to us.  The possibilities are endless.
Thank you for visiting us and we look forward to creating great memories for you and your loved ones.
~Hannah & Charlie

Our Printers

All of our items are 3D printed on our fleet of the best quality printers available on the market: the Ultimaker 2+. 

Many of our items require more than one color of material. The material is a hard PLA plastic. It is a solid piece and doesn’t bend…unlike many other similar topper products you may find. 

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Meet the team



Hannah is a 6th grader who enjoys Volleyball, Baseball, Video Games and of course 3D Printing. Many of our designs are centered around her interests. 3D Printing has always been fun and's always great when 3D Printing can be utilized for a school project. Her four 3D printers are affectionately named Joby, Trey, Sandy, and Earl.



Charlie's passion for 3D Printing came following a 20 year career in the restaurant industry. With the Wade families' first 3D Printer in 2013, Charlie searched for fun things to make around the house. Before long, the hobby evolved into a successful business taking up much of his spare time.

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